Retreat Workshops & Schedule


honeycomb fellows will spend the week in workshop and art sessions where they will learn from artists, activists, advocates, organizers and healers. additional time will be spent building community and visioning youth-centered organizing within virginia’s movement against sexual and intimate partner violence!

Workshop titles and descriptions will be added shortly.


Honeycomb Retreat Schedule

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Session Types


Workshops are 90 minute education sessions in which fellows will learn about topics such as consent, communication and community; self-care and community care; the connections between pleasure, sexual health, and holistic sexuality; body positivity and fat liberation; healing through plant medicine; zine making for visionary futures; and poetic forms for new movements!

The goal of the workshops is to introduce fellows to new frameworks (or expand on frameworks they are already familiar with) and build skills for their organizing and creative toolboxes.

art sessions

Art sessions are 2 hour sessions facilitated and held by the Honeycomb Artists-in-Residence. These sessions are less structured than workshops, and offer the fellows time and space to experiment with creative projects inspired by the workshops and conversations they have during their time at the retreat. Artists-in-Residence may host brief skill-building sessions and introduce fellows to new and exciting art practices! Fellows are encouraged to play around with new mediums and collaborate with other fellows and the Artists-in-Residence.

retreat closing & visioning

The Retreat will close with a visioning session facilitated by Honeycomb Retreat and Action Alliance staff. This final session will explore what youth organizing and leadership look like in Virginia’s movement against Sexual and Domestic Violence. Fellows will be asked to think of the strengths they bring to this movement and the support they need from organization’s like the Action Alliance.