Retreat Overview


Who: Artists, activists, and advocates ages 17-22 living in or from Virginia. Hosted by the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance.

When: July 22-26, 2019

Where: Diversity Richmond, 407 Sherwood Ave, 
Richmond, VA 23220

What: An arts and creative expression-based retreat for young people to build creative and organizing skills, prioritize personal and community healing, and connect with the fight against sexual and interpersonal violence in Virginia

Why: The Action Alliances believes that a strong and resilient anti-violence movement must include the voices and leadership of young people. The Honeycomb Retreat’s goal is to connect with young people in Virginia, offer workshops on advocacy, healing and organizing, and build leadership opportunities within our state-wide coalition.


Why Honeycomb?

As the Action Alliance staff started dreaming up a retreat for young people in Virginia, we knew we wanted a name that could hold the goals and vision for this convening.

1) COMB is an acronym for create, organize, make, and build— all actions that we hope our fellows will engage in during the five days of the retreat and actions we believe are a part of change.

2) Honeycomb is a fractal, a never-ending and self-similar pattern that repeats itself on the small and large scale. Writer and healer adrienne maree brown describes the importance of fractals in her book Emergent Strategy,

What we practice at the small scale sets the patterns for the whole system. Grace [Lee Boggs] articulated it in what might be the most-used quote of my life: ‘Transform yourself to transform the world.’ This doesn’t meant to get lost in the self, but rather to see our own lives and work and relationships as a front line, a first place we can practice justice, liberation, and alignment with each other and the planet.

We hope that the Honeycomb Retreat is a space where we can all practice making the world we want to live in together.


What will fellows do?

Honeycomb fellows will convene for five days (2 half days and 3 full days) in Richmond, Virginia. They will participate in workshops on a variety of topics, build relationships with Action Alliance staff and other organizers, educators, and artists, and connect with other young people who are also invested in the fight against sexual and intimate partner violence.

Possible workshop topics could include:

  • Racial Justice

  • Community mapping

  • Creative Writing

  • Healthy Relationships & Consent

  • Screen printing

  • Media Organizing Strategies

  • Reproductive Justice

  • Zine making