Logistics & Accessibility


1407 Sherwood Ave., Richmond, VA 23220



The Honeycomb Retreat is FREE for all participants.


The retreat is located in Richmond, Virginia. In order to be more accessible to fellows living outside of Richmond, the Action Alliance will have 10 travel stipends up to $300 per person for those traveling over 50 miles to attend the retreat and who are 18 or older. This stipend can be spent on gas, bus or train tickets, and/or housing in Richmond.

The Action Alliance will provide rides and/or bus passes to and from the retreat site within Richmond city limits for fellows who designate this need.


The retreat will not provide official housing for fellows. However, those who do not live in Richmond are welcome to use their stipend on housing within the city and Action Alliance staff will be available to help fellows find appropriate housing that meets their needs.


A light breakfast, lunch, and snacks will be provided during the retreat. Participants will need to do dinner on their own. Once fellows are accepted, they will fill out a registration form where they can indicate any and all food restrictions and allergies.

diversity richmond

Diversity Richmond is a Richmond area LGBTQ+ center that hosts community events, provides rental space, and distributes grants for community organizations doing LGBTQ+ programming. The Honeycomb Retreat will be using three of Diversity’s meeting spaces including a large meeting space, classroom, and gallery. We will also have access to Diversity’s cold kitchen which includes two refrigerators, an ice machine and large industrial sink.

All spaces we will be utilizing are wheelchair accessible. A ramp leads up to the door to the classroom and there are no steps at the entrance of the meeting space. There are two small steps at the entrance to the gallery, however that space is accessible without stairs through the classroom or thrift store. All doors (both outside and internal) are manual.

Bathrooms: All bathrooms at the retreat will be gender neutral. There are multiple single-stall and two multi-stall bathrooms that will be open to all genders.

Scent: The large downstairs area once held a weekly event that allowed smoking. As of June 2018, smoking is no longer allowed and the space has used vents to clear out the smoke. The space is not carpeted, but as of December 2018 there was still a slight smell of smoke in the room.

Parking: Ample parking is available.

Directions: Diversity Richmond is located by interstates 95 and 64 and the 20 Orbital bus route.