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The Honeycomb Retreat is a free arts and creative expression-based retreat for young advocates, activists, & movement builders ages 17-22 throughout the state of Virginia. Organized by the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance, The Honeycomb will be held from July 22-26, 2019 in Richmond, Virginia. 20 fellows from around the state will convene with artists, advocates, activists, and Action Alliance staff to build creative and organizing skills, invest in personal and community healing, and join Virginia’s movement against sexual and intimate partner violence.


Logistics & Accessibility

More information on the retreat’s location, accessibility,
cost, and travel accommodations.

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Workshops & Art Sessions

Learn more about workshops and art session at the Honeycomb Retreat!

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Are you between the ages of 17-22 and interested in participating in the Honeycomb Retreat? Apply to be a Fellow by April!

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“What we pay attention to grows, so I’m thinking about how we grow what we are all imagining and creating something large enough and solid enough that it becomes a tipping point.”

adrienne maree brown, emergent strategy